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Should have put it here first:
Just watched the HRC acceptance speech. She hit all the right notes.
But, she doesn't sing.
Her delivery is flat - she is too monotone (yes, that DOES count). She has several gestures that grate - that nodding her head like a bobblehead, her pinched hand pointing, that - Oh, yeah, smile! - thing. She has been coached, so it's all smooth enough, but she does not sound authentic. She sounds as though she is remembering to tick off specific points - mention grandkids, thank other Democrats, put in some reference to Trump - and contrast it with my position.
Sorry, she just didn't soar.
The positives: she didn't stumble her words, she paced herself appropriately - not too fast, left time for audience responses, pleasant facial features (no pulled down mouth - ages a woman HUGELY), no big surprises (the leadership hates when you go off-topic), she didn't dig a hole that she'll have to fill later.


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