Once Again, Explaining it to the Elite

I'm so tired of dealing with the Elites who want to impose their political hegemony on the rest of us:

  • The Communists used to call us the Proletariat (Proles, for short)
  • To the Fabian Socialists, we were the Masses
  • To the SJW, we are the Dumb Hicks Who Hate Everyone, and Only Act to Preserve our Undeserved Place in Society
  • To the Democratic Party, we are the Barely Tolerated Potential Voters, Who Had BETTER Vote the Way WE Tell You, Then Disappear - Well, Except for all that Taxpaying Stuff
  • To the Republican Party, we are the Uneducated, Fundamentalist Christian who votes on the basis of Social Conservatism (our concerns are not Free Trade, but Abortion, SSM, Drug Abuse, etc.).
In every case, we are assumed to be less intelligent, voting on an emotional basis, led around by equally dumb pastors, and just not smart enough to understand that these changes we oppose are Good for us.

The sheer arrogance of this always get to me.  Those who pursued undemanding majors (Poly Sci, Literature, Psychology) have no understanding of the brainpower needed for STEM majors, the skilled trades, or running a small business.  That such people might want some say in selecting their representatives in government, determining an appropriate educational plan for their children, or living according to their philosophical/religious thinking escapes these Elitist Tyrants completely.

Peter Thiel is a nice man, a smart man, and a well-intentioned man.  But, in telling us to forget about the "Bathroom Wars", he is wrong.  Rod Dreher says it better than I.



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