Are Progressives and Conservatives Really THAT Far Apart?

Maybe not, in some respects.

I was thinking about this, following reading one of the Liberty's Torch posts.  This was not posted by Francis, but Scott.

There are some areas where Progressives and Conservatives share concerns.  Both want the local community (what we Old Types used to call the neighborhood) to be a place of civil, respectful behavior towards other residents.

Both groups share some skepticism about the use of force by government against its own citizens.

Both believe that the local schools need to do a better job educating students.

So, there is room for some cooperation on specific issues, if there is a willingness to NOT engage in name-calling - which BOTH sides have done, at times.

Perhaps we can begin small - with community organizations, local watch groups (in my neighborhood, we have an ice cream party in the summer, and other get-togethers).

Most importantly, focus your justifiable anger at the political leadership, not at the individuals.  Many of those individuals share many traits in common with people we already do work with.  In social media, with individuals, speak softly, and try to find common ground.



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