"If You Call That Bodily Harm"

But, it's the Conservatives that are threatening, right?

From the complaint:
S/A Tijerino reports he asked the defendant if she had sent out an email to anyone threatening bodily harm and she replied, “I guess . . . if you consider bodily harm . . . .” S/A Tijerino asked the defendant to elaborate and she stated, “I sent out emails that I was disgusted and very upset by what they were doing.”
S/A Tijerino reports the defendant stated that she called them a bad word, “a——-.” S/A Tijerino reports the defendant said, “I might have said that I am going to kill you or I want to kill you.” S/A Tijerino reports he asked the defendant how many emails she sent and she answered, “I sent one to the Republican senators.”
S/A Tijerino reports he asked the defendant if he read a line from the email would she be able to remember if it was her e-mail and she replied, “Probably, yeah.” S/A Tijerino reports he read the following passage:
“Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your families will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks.”
The defendant replied, “I think I said that, but I don’t know why I said that.”
Remember the name, Katherine J. Windels.  She's one of the too-many that think threats against politicians AND THEIR FAMILIES is OK.

The really disturbing part?
An online profile lists Windels as a 2010 graduate of Madison Area Technical College with an associate's degree in early childhood education who's held multiple jobs as a home-care provider and teacher of young children.

At one of the jobs, Windels worked as a teacher's helper from 2007 to 2009 for an after-school program at St. Martin's called Jesus and Me.
Just the kind of person that I want around children and the elderly/disabled.



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