A Letter to My Congressperson

I emailed the following today:
I'm completely against raising the debt ceiling.  If that pushes us into default - OK.  We're in the position of an out-of-control spender, who is getting our credit limit raised.  There is NO hope that we can pay back that amount of money.  It's not fair to the younger generations, who will owe, without ever getting any benefits from that expenditure.

I'm OK with cutting (NOT just limiting increases). 
Social Security - 5% this year, the same next year - don't scream at me, Grandma - I'm only a few years away from that age, myself, and I'd like to be able to collect a little, too.  Which, I won't if you don't get your hand out of the till.
The whole Health Care bill
Salaries of ALL federal employees, 5% this year, and the same next year - including Representatives and Senators
Completely eliminating some Departments - HUD, Education, Energy, Labor, Transportation 
Retirement benefits for non-military personnel - especially for elected officials - they should NOT qualify before 10 years, and should not collect full benefits before 20 years. 
Cutting in 1/2 - Dept of Agriculture, FDA, State, Treasury, Interior, Commerce, Health & Human Services, Justice, DEA
Feel free to add more to the mix.



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