The 1st Amendment Should NOT Be Changed For a Murderous, Ignorant People

I'm like a lot of Christians; I do read the Bible, I do hold it in high esteem; I do think it was written by men at the inspiration of God.

I wouldn't, however kill someone who destroyed a Bible.

The Saudis, among other nations, can thank God Allah that most Christians think the same way I do.  Otherwise, they would be busy protecting themselves against Christians enraged against their routine destruction of Bibles confiscated from Christians entering their countries.

Some examples:

Not burned, but shredded - and, if their owners have more than 1 Bible, arrested.

Incidents from previous years.

Burning Christians alive - is that better than burning a book?

Would I burn a Quran?  No.

But it must be said, that the pastor who did burnt his own property.  Nothing he did was illegal.  Nothing he did should get him in trouble with the law.

He may have been rude, motivated by hatred of Islam, and disdainful of another's religion.

None of that, in America, is actionable.  Nor should be.



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