Homer Capeheart - A Cassandra For His Times

I was in 6th grade during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I followed the news reports.  Later, I watched the TV movie about the crisis, in which the Kennedy brothers were portrayed as the heroes of the day for their efforts in dealing with the Soviet and Cuban governments.

The main message I always heard was the surprise of the missiles arrival.  There was no forewarning.  There was no way to have known about the missiles, before that moment of crisis.


That's what the American Spectator has on it's blog today, the true story about Homer Capeheart, and his fight to get the Kennedy administration to take his warnings about the menace seriously.

You would think that, after the crisis was over, Capeheart would be a hero in the press.

You would think.

Instead, Capeheart's prescience was ignored, both by the media, and by the Kennedy administration.

I never heard of him, until this post in the Spectator.  He lost his seat in the next election (to Birch Bayh),  and was relegated to obscurity.



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