Spring Flings

I'm feeling giddy - it must be that time of year:

  • I'll be undergoing the Sacred Ritual that all true Cleveland Indians fans perform each spring - re-watching Major League, I and II - (III is a complete waste of time).
  • The garden is blooming - dogwoods, azaleas, jonquils, and some purple thing (quite pretty, at the base of the oaks).
  • I have off a week, and will be spending it out of town in Cleveland - lots of visits with friends and family.
  • We've been organizing and cleaning the house - I always feel so light-hearted and virtuous when we do.
  • There is a temporary lull in world/US crises.  Yes, I know about Japan, the Mideast, and the budget issue.  But, right now, it's not critical to take all my attention away from the wonderful weather.



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