Only 101 Posts to Go...

...until I hit 2,000 posts on this blog.  To me, that's amazing.  I never thought my blogging would last that long.  I started on November 13, 2003 - that was this post.

Since then, the poor girl has crashed and burned, and apparently had a Phoenix-like second act to her career.  I wish her luck - she had a bad break, having to work so hard at an early age, and missing so much of her childhood.

What am I doing right now?  Reading an interesting post on Eternity Road about paganism and Christianity - it's quite thought-provoking.

Speaking of Eternity Road, there's a post on the Egyptian and other African uprisings, and the possible role that the Muslim Brotherhood played in them - I'm quite convinced that the back-story on that would be newsworthy.

On the lighter side (are you reading, Danny?), here's a link to a GREAT! new diet - Beer-Me.  Guaranteed to work.  I fully expect that our weight problem in America will completely disappear - are you listening, Ms. Obama?  You can take your hands off our junk food now.



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