Thursday, November 13, 2003


I've been blerking for some time, and I decided that it was time to get serious about my addictionhobby.

I'm in the early stages of setting this up (just started an hour ago), so don't get bent out of shape by the sparse nature of the Blogroll. I'll be adding links in my spare time.


I was on the phone yesterday, and clicked a link that took me to a site trashing Britney Spears. I'm no fan; sure, she's the living epitome of the white trash that my West Virginia father always warned me about associating with. But, what I don't quite understand is the intensity of the venom spewed at her.

To tell the truth, I feel kinda sorry for her. She started out just another teen singer. As time went on, she went further and further over the edge, pantomiming sex for her videos. She finally admits that she had sex with her first serious boyfriend. So, does she get the adulation that Madonna got for her sexual antics?


She's trashed by the very people that goaded her onto more outrageous acts. Her fans.


Just because those that surround you talk about sexual freedom, doesn't mean that they won't treat you like a hoochy-mama if you indulge. I know, nobody is calling Justin Timberlake a slut for engaging in the same activity. What can I say? It's an unfair world.

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