It's Been Some Time...

since I wrote a post.

Life intervened.  I had a huge backlog at work.  I was working in my business, in what remained of my spare time.  I actually took a couple of evenings off, to just chill.

So, why is everyone else not jumping on the posting wagon?  Maybe it's the Outrage Fatigue this author talks about.
t's becoming clear to me that we're in a state of "outrage fatigue". That's my term for the malaise of passivity that has settled over us. Ten years after 9/11, and people act as if it never happened. Meanwhile, the same people who danced in the street and passed out candy to celebrate the wholesale annihilation of innocents propose to build a monument to themselves on the site, and our outrage seems to fade in a year or so.
Sad, isn't it, that he seems to have a point.



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