Some New Year's Suggestions for Islam and the US

Mark Tapscott has some straightforward advice for Muslims wanting to demonstrate their "moderateness".

Diane Shrader has some New Year's Resolutions - some related to our current political situation, some related to world issues, some culturally based.  One that I hope will be realized in 2011 is the one about not indoctrinating children with misplaced resentment:
AZ state superintendent Tom Horne, the author of recently signed legislation banning classes that promote “the over throw of the U.S. government,” the “resentment of a certain race,” and classes “designed for students of one particular ethnic group.”
Doesn't that sound "extreme"?  No, it isn't - it's in response to a problem in at least one particular district. How extreme?
National Review’s Liam Julian reported on Horne’s battle with TUSD back in July 2008, revealing that the anti-American, Hispanic separatists of La Raza are behind the curriculum, and that another teacher reported “a definite change in the students”:
An angry tone. They taught them not to trust their teachers, not to trust the system. They taught them the system wasn’t worth trusting.
That certainly squares with Hannity’s report, which claims that Horne’s students have responded to his concerns with chants of “Horne, Horne, Horne, we wish you were never born,” and a skit in which the superintendent is killed.  Let’s hear it for tolerance!
If you'd like to read the agenda of La Raza from the horse's mouth, order the books at the left and bottom.

For a different perspective on race, I'd recommend Thomas Sowell - an economist, but HIGHLY readable, who comments on race, economics, politics, and culture.



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