Sex Kittens of Middle School/High School?

I've been teaching a long time, and have seen the Sluttification of American Girls as a negative thing.

Y'all gotta read a new report on that same topic.  It's a report of the Parents Television Council; the pdf is here.

Some of the more disturbing findings:
Major Findings:
 The presence of an underage female was associated with higher amounts of sexual depictions compared to the onscreen appearance of an adult female. Though an older female character is more likely to have sexual dialogue in the scene, a younger female character is more likely portrayed in sexual behaviors onscreen.
 Out of all the sexualized scenes depicting underage or young adult female characters, 86% of those female characters were presented as only being of high school age.
 Only 5% of the underage female characters communicated any form of dislike for being sexualized. 
 One or several instances of implied nudity and/or sexual gestures (e.g. suggestive dancing, erotic kissing, erotic touching and/or implied intercourse) were in every onscreen scene that contained sexualized depictions of underage girls.
Because, to a TV producer, that's every parent's dream for their child - to be a slut.  Not a fully aware, properly interested in relationships, normal girl.


It's to be a THING that only exists to exist lust.



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