Death Panels, Revisited:

They're B-A-A-A-C-K!

The Death Panels, that is.

Well, sort of.

Medicare patients are gonna to have to have the "voluntary" consultations every year to make sure that they really, really, really want to spend all that money staying alive.  The advance directives will be paid for (unlike many other Medicare procedures - some of which are expected to be provided BELOW COST by the health care provider - the doctor) by the Obamacare regulation's fiat.  You know, the regulations that will flesh out the provisions - the ones that the Senate flatly said "NO!" to.

How many seniors and/or sick people want to have the droves of naggers coming into their hospital room to "make sure that you really want all that money spent on your care"?

How many people will sign anything - ANYTHING - just to have them finally leave the room?

How many will sign anything the doctor suggests?  Or, someone in a lab coat, whether medically trained or not?

How many, in pain, and in need of meds, will sign to get access to those pain meds?

How many will realize that they can sign a TRUE Living Will?  You'll want to download and print out this alternative to the pro-pull the plug directives the "health" professionals push.



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