How Long, O Lord, How Long?

There's a great roundtable discussion of Israel at FrontPage Magazine.,  Caroline Glick discusses the difficulty of accepting the "two-state solution".

...the implication of saying that you accept as legitimate, as a negotiating partner, a terrorist organization whose sole purpose in existing is your own annihilation makes it very difficult for you to make your case in international forums.  Because if the PLO is legitimate, then how is Israel legitimate?
And you know, one of the things that the Tea Party movement thankfully in this country has been railing against is this whole multiculturalism, post-nationalism ideology that essentially means that nations like the American people and like the Jewish people have no reason to exist and have no inherent rationale for fighting to defend their way of life.  Because if there is no relative benefit to being an American or being a Jew, then you have no right to stand up and oppose the people who are telling you that your way of life is inherently evil.
And so, you know, we have these elements inside of Israel that have been pushing forward this agenda, which is multiculturalism, which is post-nationalist; without any recognition that these — as Jews, the first nation to come into existence by self-consciously defining ourselves at Mount Sinai, when we accepted the Ten Commandments from Moses and God — that when we say, Okay, there’s nothing in particular special about Jewish nationalism and Jewish homeland, this is an inherently anti-Jewish position.  Post-nationalism at its core, that rejects the notion of nation states and nations, is anti-Semitic.
And we haven’t internalized this ideology that makes it impossible for us to have a coherent discussion about who we are, what we want, why it is that the things that we are and the things that we want are worth fighting and living for, and dying for.  And it’s been extraordinarily debilitating.
That's really where I disagree with the multicultural philosophy - it presumes that all cultures are special and equally valid - which I don't believe that they are.

Both America and Israel are special - we are just about the only  countries that you can voluntarily join.  The conditions for membership are, in the case of Israel, that you be historically Jewish.  Any color is acceptable, as long as you share the religion.

Now, they also give FULL citizenship to the Arabs that have inhabited Israel in the past - which the "Palestinians" did NOT.  Those non-Israelis self-identified as Jordanian, or Syrian, or some other Arabic country prior to Israel's founding.  Only after Arafat and others decided to make an issue of the "plight" of those landless people did they begin calling themselves "Palestinians".

I'm pro-Israel.  I think it's rank anti-Semitism to twist oneself into knots to find some way to ignore their perfectly valid claim to the land.

The "two-state solution" is a disguised Final Solution.  If Israel is not the only valid state, it will be destroyed, along with as many Jews as their enemies can manage.  While Israel has always given full rights to its Muslim, Christian, and other minorities, it is the ONLY country in the Mideast to do so.  In every other Mideast country, you not only have no rights if not Muslim, it better be the "right" kind of Muslim (Sunni, Shi'ite, or other).  Only one kind allowed in any country.



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