We May Be Hitting the Last Straw in Unconstitutionality

I realize that the following may seem to be over-concern to some of my readers.  I don't agree.  I'm old enough that when I took 9th grade Civics, my teacher actually considered it his job to TEACH the meaning of the documents that our nation was organized under.  As a result, we read the entire Declaration of Independence and US Constitution - and had to be able to explain what the various parts meant.

Was I in an Honors or AP course?  No.  Just the kind of activity that every 14 year-old is capable of, if he/she is properly taught.

So THIS disturbs me greatly.

If this is done, this will create the greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War. It would be 100 times worse than Watergate.

...It would be government by fiat... meaning there would be no law... the mere discussion by officials in this government is such a grotesque violation of the actual legislative function of Congress [that it] puts us... at the brink. At the brink.

This is why we conservatives revere the Constitution. This is why we stress the Constitution's words have meaning and historical context and must be complied with. Because otherwise we have anarchy, which leads to tyranny.

This is a crucial lesson for those of you who... aren't sure what your beliefs are, or if you have any beliefs. Or aren't sure if you even care. We have an effort underway by the one of the most powerful chairmen in Congress, the woman who heads the Rules Committee, ...openly discussing gutting Congress. Gutting Congress.

And if this is done, this is about as close to martial law as you'll ever get... So Louise Slaughter, a Representative from New York, is discussing, in essence, martial law. Now I can tell you, if they pursue this process, and try to impose this kind of a law, without actually passing a statute, that I will be in a race -- with scores of others -- to the courthouse to stop this.

I can't think of a more blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution than this. And the liberal media has essentially ignored it!

...It's not only absurd on its face -- that these power-hungry ideologues, party-first-country-second types, would make the claim that the House voted on something it never voted on... that's not only absurd on its face, it's blatantly unconstitutional!
I truly don't understand why the people that SCREAMED that Bush was acting in an illegal manner seem to have no difficulty with this.



Anonymous said…
So when Bush illegally wiretaps hundreds of thousands of American citizens calls - and the public is overwhelmingly against it - that's ok.

But when the Democratic congress passes a bill in a proper congressional manner that the Republicans have used twice as much over the past 10 years - and the public is for it - that means the Constitution is being shredded?

Get a grip. You Conservatives have gone off the deep end.
Linda said…
"Hundreds of thousands"?

Oh, really. That's just absurd. Prove it.

NOT using phony liberal stories about a "friend of a friend".
Anonymous said…
Here you go.

"Surveillance takes place in several stages, officials said, the earliest by machine. Computer-controlled systems collect and sift basic information about hundreds of thousands of faxes, e-mails and telephone calls into and out of the United States"


Also in the 5th paragraph here:

Wake up. Your government spied on you and other innocent American citizens.

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