Can't Wait Until Easter Break

Just heard from my sister - she is improving, but very slowly.  The radiation treatments have finished, but she is still experiencing pain, sores, and fatigue.

I've been too busy to blog.  That hasn't happened in a long time.  Most of my energy, right now, is dedicated to work, writing an article for a science magazine, and getting my taxes in order.  On the positive side, I'm nearly caught up at work, making progress on the article, and, although I can hardly believe it, beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the tax area.

Some of that energy has been drained by my sister's illness - I've been quite worried about her.  Some of it may be caused by a mid-life crisis thing - I've been re-thinking my priorities lately, and may make some personal/work changes in the near future.

My fellow citizens seem to be doing a decent job keeping on top of politics; I think I can safely take a short break from obsessing over the republic's state.  I'm still reading the blogs, and will step back in if needed.  However, right now, I'm more like a Minuteman - yes, I will defend the country, but, until the crisis is nigh, I have work at home to do.



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