What A Smackdown

I read the link at The American Spectator. I think it neatly captures the problem liberals have with Sarah Palin's analysis of the proposed health care bill.


Anonymous said…
The problem we have with it is that she's lying. And she knows it but continues to lie and lie. (Then again, she IS a Republican, so maybe she's just incapable of stopping.)

We don't really have a problem per se with her trotting Trig out as a prop whenever she needs to sway people (while at the same time faux-admonishing the "press" for not leaving her family alone.) I wouldn't call that a problem. Just whorishly disgusting.
Dr.D said…
"The problem we have with it is that she's lying. And she knows it but continues to lie and lie."

What a great, convincing argument that is! You really have persuaded me, oh, yes you have! Except for one little thing.

These so-called "lies" have more of the ring of truth to them than anything we ever hear from the Dem politicians. Oh, sure, they promise the moon, but they are so patently false it is perfectly clear that they are lying all the time. Sarah makes sense, she is sincere, she is believable, and in the elected offices she has held, she has performed nobly. That must be because she lies very, very effectively.

If only the Dems could lie half that effectively (it is called the truth, a concept rarely discussed among the Dems), they might be surprised at the response. But as long as they are bent on deception, don't be surprised when people react negatively to being deceived. Most people simply don't like being lied to, but surely that would be evident if the Dems were not so arrogant.

You say that Sarah Palin is a Republican, but I don't think that is really accurate. If you look objectively at what has happened (I realize that objectivity is a difficult feat for a Dem), the Repubs have treated Sarah disgracefully; she was the only thing that gave them any stength at all in this last election, and they have spit on her in return. I don't think she sees herself as a Repub any longer, but rather as simply a conservative and certain to make trouble for Liberals.

Can you handle that much?
Linda said…
Amazing how vile the anti-Palin people are - of course, she must be the epitome of evil - ALL Republicans are, ya' know.

Anonymous said…
Linda and Dr. D, so two questions.

1) Please answer this with a simple yes or no. Do you really believe that Obama is trying to kill Palin's baby?

2) Please cite the actual language in the bill that discusses "death panels."
Dr.D said…
It seems unlikely that Obama has targeted Trig Palin by name. Rather, he has targeted a large class of people, of which Trig Palin is one, who will never be able to live, what is their term, "complete lives"? People who do not contribute materially to society (forget about non-material contributions because the government cannot quantify those), are considered to be of lesser value and therefore deserving of less health care resources. Specifically, maximum health care is reserved for those in the bracket 14 to 40 years of age (if I have the figures correct), presumably the years for the greatest manual labor output in a collective farm or similar communist collective labor project. This is Zeke Emanuel's "ethical" approach to the distribution of health care (what a joke!).

As you are probably aware, the specific term "death panels" does not appear in the legislation. Stupid as Congress is, they have not quite gotten to that level, yet.
Anonymous said…
I didn't ask for the specific term "death panels" - I simply asked for the language that would allow for that.

The simple fact is, there is no provision for death panels anywhere. Period. It's a canard, designed to spin Republicans up into hysteria - exactly like all the "mobile biological weapons labs" and "We know where the WMDs are" lies that led to the Iraq war.

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