Immigration - The Sleeping Dragon

I've been reading a book about European immigration; it takes an historical look at the problems that European-style immigration has caused the countries of the continent.

For the last few months, I've not been focused on this issue; it isn't that illegal immigration has become less of a problem, but that the issue of the health care legislation has taken center stage.

The book is Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, by Christopher Caldwell. So far, it's been worth reading - it covers aspects of the European Islamization (not sure that's a word - but it should be) that I haven't seen addressed anywhere else.


Dr.D said…
I am not familiar with that particular book, but I do read a number of European blogs and blogs about what what is happening in Europe and the UK (GoV, Gallia Watch, Sarah Maid of Albion, The Frozen North, etc.), and I also correspond with several people in Europe. The picture I get is pretty bleak.

It is most bleak because the leadership of every country in Europe is in denial; they simply will not address the problem. They will not even allow it to be discussed.

There is an interesting discussion over at American Thinker today that suggests that this is driven by directly by the socialist/communist governmental philosophy of the European countries. The argument is somewhat complex, but it is included in an article comparing Obama to Lenin. It can be found at
and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a very in depth discussion.

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