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This is terrific!

I've seen lots of good posts this week, but haven't had the time to post about them. I've been working to catch up on grades, lesson planning, and the like.

Saturday, my husband and I attended an RV show in Greensboro, NC (about 2 hours away). Surprisingly, the RVs seemed relatively affordable. We were looking in the 20K range. i've decided several things:
  • Money counts - the inexpensive RVs looked like it. We stopped in a few upper-end units, and, boy, they looked like it. Leather instead of inexpensive upholstery fabric, a "home-like" atmosphere, space (it costs to add the slide-out sections), and little touches that say "no expcnse spared).
  • Prices on RVs don't seem to have risen as much as other homes. We found good quality units in the 20K+ range - about 23K-28K seemed to be a major jump in quality.
  • They seem small compared to your regular home, but compared to motels - which I've spent more time than I would like to in the past months - they're terrific. And, a whole lot cheaper, since the payments add to your equity.
  • We have two major needs - space for storage, and room to do office-type work. That narrowed down the short list by quite a few. Most units assumed that we would want to sit around and watch TV or have a crowd in for drinks/meal.


Dr.D said…
My daughter's family bought an RV to use as an extra room and to take camping from time to time. My wife and I stayed in it several times when we visited them. I think it worked pretty well for about four years, but then the RV began to degrade, and they did not want to have anyone stay in it. I think that in the long run it has been more a consumable, rather than an investment. I would suggest that you might want to think in those terms.

The reason for this is primarily construction and use. In order to keep weight down and foot print small, the walls are invariably thin and not too well built (wood with minimum structure). If you take it camping a few times, moving it over rough ground, even a little bit rough, causes the structure to flex and that is very damaging to the flimsy structure. It can't take it very well, and they just don't last. They all look great when they are new, but they age rapidly.

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