I sent the following in response to the Hardball show, which accused Obamacare protesters of being racists:
When someone in these rallies complains about America being different than the way it was, I don't believe very many are referring to race.

Instead, they are unhappy about the increasing tax burdens, the outrageous deficits, the disdain for opposition to the Royal White House (whatever happened to "dissent is patriotic"?).

I am also concerned about the promotion of thuggish behavior by the SEIU and ACORN, which Obama's administration seemed unconcerned about. Yelling at a congressman is, although quite rude behavior, still legal. Pushing, shoving, and beating, all of which the pro-Obamacare people have engaged in over the last several days, is not.

We're frustrated. Our concerns are belittled; the representatives have admitted they haven't read the bill, and the provisions are still up for grabs in the different versions. Why the rush? This is an attempt to change 1/6 of the American economy RADICALLY, and to push it through fast.

The last time I was pressured by someone this hard, and told to make a decision RIGHT NOW, I was in a parked car. I fear that both that young man, and this administration, are looking for the same result.


Anonymous said…
So I'm sure over 6 of the past 8 years, as Bush and the Republicans shut Democratic congress people out of meetings and forced them to hold press conferences in the basement - you were writing Hardball then too, right?

Please spare us your ridiculous, hypocritical faux-anger.
Dr.D said…
Anonymous, can you cite any reports of union thugs attacking anyone in Congress during the Bush years at the request of the Republicans? I didn't think so.

Physical intimidation of the electorate is the difference, in case you can't see that. It is a pretty big thing in America, at least to most Americans.

I have to confess that I was way to slow on the uptake on your last paragraph in the post, but I do appreciate the humor! I must be getting old - yes, I know I am getting old.
Bravo, Linda! As you cope with the assaults from leftist denigrators, remember the old Air Force bomber pilots' maxim:

"If you're taking flak, it means you're over the target."

By the way, you might be interested in the exchange going on at Cold Fury these past two days. Our leftist brethren are absolutely incensed at being found out as social fascists. Just par for their course, I suppose.
Anonymous said…
"If you're taking flak, it means you're over the target."

Francis, thanks for admitting that what Obama is doing is right on target.


It's almost unfair arguing with people who can only parrot the right-wing talking points. It's like debating with children...

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