Some Thoughts on the Journalists' Release From Korea

Using Bill Clinton was a brilliant move. His presence enabled NK to save face - anyone less than a full former POTUS wouldn't have worked. Further, I'm sure that Bubba, being Bubba, charmed the heck out of all.

He is not actually an official of the US diplomatic service, so whatever he said, it's not official policy.

Can't complain about the outcome; only suggestion that I would make is, in the future, to have journalists sign waivers before going overseas into areas bordering hostile countries - if you're dumb enough to wander too close to the troubled site, y'all on your own.


Dr.D said…
If the Norks believed a work that Bill Clinton said, they are really nuts (but we have long suspected that anyway). We send them our most well known liar (well, our second most well known liar, the most well known liar has things to do harassing the citizenry right now), and they deal with him. That is really funny!
Linda said…
It truly doesn't matter about whether they believe him, or not. The point was, NK wanted to posture. This let them, but delivered our objective of freeing the journalists.

Billy Bubba really does understand people - he soothed Dear Leader's ego, which was the point.

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