The Early Obama

The NY Times has an article about Barack Obama's early writing (from his Columbia days). In that article, he quotes Don Kent:
Most people my age remember well the air-raid drills at school, under the desk with our heads tucked between our legs. Older people, they remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. I think these kinds of things left an indelible mark on our souls, so we're more apt to be concerned.
OK. 1983, college age, but not old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. But, somehow old enough to remember air-raid drills?

Not possible - the bomb drills (which, I believe, is what Kent is referencing) were in the 1950's. The Cuban Missile Crisis was October 1962. If he is in college in 1983, he is referencing a practice that he was too young to participate in.

I know. I DO remember the bomb drills in grade (about once a year, same as the tornado drills). And, I was 11 during the Cuban Missile Crisis - I remember the grown-ups talking, and the principal of my school came to class after it was all over, and explained that we had come VERY close to war. It did make an impression.

OK, maybe he's an older student in 1983. But, if he doesn't remember 1962, I call B---S--T on the bomb drills. Fake memory. Didn't happen the way he said it did.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm...... Excuse me but it depends on where you lived. We practiced for air raids with sirens and leaping under the desk when I was in grade school in the 80s in Texas. You may disagree with someone but check your facts before you think your version is the truth. Your version is your own. It is not fact.

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