What Makes a Person a Hypocrite?

I'm fascinated by the outrage and disgust expressed by many media types, and the politicians of both parties, to Mark Sanford's extramarital antics.

First, I do agree that Sanford acted in a boneheaded, adolescent, and irresponsible fashion. He left the country; he failed to notify his people of his whereabouts; he turned off his cell phone; and, he may have used public money for some part of the trip.

However, let's look at the facts:
  • His wife had just kicked him out - we might reasonably assume that he was disturbed by that action, and may not have been thinking clearly
  • He had just gone through a major fight with the legislature about a principled issue, and been handed a defeat by the courts
  • He was, it seems, in love - and we all know how love makes people act goofy
Given all that, it's not surprising that his actions weren't sensible.

Second, the issue of the adultery.

Y'all remember the words that match this picture?

Didn't think so.

If Sanford needs to go, then I want a do-over on the Clinton mess. The same people that voted to keep the Slime-in-Chief in office need to take back their vote, and kick his sorry self to the curb, retroactively.

Who can forget that time when Bob Livingston, then Speaker of the House, resigned over disclosure that he had an affair? What I want to know (and did at the time wonder) - who sat on the information until just the right moment, then released it? We know the Clintons had extensive files on many people, which, SOMEHOW, were released to friendly media types.

Can we say - sleazy? Each time they did it, they caused other unfriendly politicians to get in line, lest they be next. I'm convinced that many of the "inexplicable" votes by Republicans can very well be explained by the fact that someone has info on them, and they've got them by the hoo-haws.


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