Weekly Roundup

I've been shamefully focused on my job and my personal life. Enough of that! What is happening in the world?

The airplane that ditched is the focus of much of the news. It's an amazing story - what could have been a tragic start to the year, ends up being an inspirational story.

Amazing, and yet just what you and I expect from a professional pilot and crew.

The economy continues to dominate the news.

The falling dollar is both good and bad. The bad - our people at home feel the effects of an economy in freefall.

The good - the weak dollar will, eventually, lead to other countries spending in our country. Look for us to become the tourist destination over the next few years. Time to invest in Disney World!

Hey, Obama, couldn't you wait until you're actually, you know (homage to Caroline Kennedy), inaugurated?

Lots more to post, but I have no time right now.


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