Why the Push to Close Gitmo?

Anti-war protesters have been working hard to pressure Bush and Obama (pre-inauguration) to close the terrorist holding pen at Guantanamo Bay.


Is it because the prisoners held there will automatically become liberated? That won't happen. They'll simply be transferred to stateside military prisons.

Is it because the prisoners aren't getting legal assistance? No. Their lawyers are free to talk to them, write to them, and receive letters and calls in return.

Is it because the prisoners are being treated to inhuman conditions? No, it's been fairly well established that they are comfortable, have quality medical care, recreational access, religious accommodations, and halal food (so much so, some of the prisoners have gained too much weight).

So, what is the problem?

With the inmates held on an off-shore facility that is located in a country that Americans can only visit after securing the appropriate paperwork, and where access is tightly controlled by men with guns, how can the pro-enemy side manage to create their theatrical protests? And if, by some means, they did, what use would it be without the mainstream media frenzy? An actor without an audience is a tragic thing.

So, that's why the Left wants Gitmo to close the holding pens. They want to be able to make a showy protest, complete with provoked arrests of the participants (not the upper echelon, of course, but the ground troops). How can America be so "mean" as to deny the Left their moment in the spotlight?

Because we care more for America's security than theater.


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