An Alternative Way to Handle Immigrant Crime

I'd like to make a suggestion about ways to deal with immigrants (legal or otherwise) who commit crimes that target categories of victims. Those categories might include: women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, or Jews.

Offer them a deal: voluntarily deport yourself (and, in the case of resident aliens or naturalized citizens, give up any citizenship claims or right to reside), and we will lightly prosecute - i.e., conviction with recommendation for probation.

Face it, sending them to our prisons is NOT that terrifying. It's R & R, with the opportunity to network with others of similar minds.

It may be, however, a way to clear out people who have been resistant to accommodating to American ways. And, cheaper than any other method.

For those guilty of murder, take the option of death or a life sentence off the table. Yeah, it's not going to be popular with the families, but it does get rid of them. Perhaps we could also make arrangements with countries of origin to take them back, to incarcerate them in THEIR prisons.

Which, I assume, are less country-club-like.


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