You Like Me! You REALLY Like Me!

Powerline points out a likely reason Obama won. It wasn't his nuanced positions, his statesmanlike demeanor, his appeal to reason.

It was that the public WANTED him, in a deeply personal and, ultimately, irrational way. They wanted change in their lives, and, once they decided that he was The Change Candidate, all following information was filtered through that sieve.

A similar phenomenon happens when teenagers fall in love. Any criticism about their beloved is ignored - because YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!

The facts are superfluous. Even if believed, it won't change their mind - don't you GET IT? WE'RE IN LOVE!

And so the American Public (at least, sufficient numbers of them) were IN LOVE with That One. The One. The person without whom their lives would mean nothing.

He hangs with a bad crowd?

Dad, you just don't understand!

We don't know anything about his past - and what we do know sounds kind of shady.

Dad, you just don't understand!

His money comes from questionable sources?

Dad, you just don't understand!

WHY was this "Love Effect" so important this election?
  • This was a younger crowd that was voting. Like many youngsters, they can be easily swayed by emotion.

    I'm not knocking that. It's part of what keeps our government vital, that fresh infusion of enthusiasm when demographics favor the young blood into the system.

    When their candidate wins, it can sweep clean the smelly stables of politics.

  • Obama played the right buttons. Able to talk easily with people, and yet, aloof. Not on a first-name basis with everyone (think about how you refer to him. He's only a little older than Sarah Palin, and yet he's invariably referred to by his last name, unlike Sarah, who is always called by her first).

    A few selected appearances on national shows at length, otherwise, short appearances where the content is carefully limited.

  • When negative information comes up, deny in a short statement, then allow the supporters to carry the water for him.

    Like high school - not saying much, but letting your posse run off the nay-sayers.

So, who was John McCain?

He was the Assistant Principal.

Nobody likes the AP.


America's Election 2008 - High School Musical 2.5!


Morbius said…
Right on as usual. Perfect!
e said…
you're completely right. The illuminati wanted to create a "different" candidate and there was a love-affair with a man who was attractive and younger, and spouting a desire for change.. That's why he won, because it was exactly what sounded more interesting than the string of old grey men who aren't as slick.

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