The Cost of Sanctuary?

I found this link to a story about a fatal hit & run.
Police have not doubt about how Laufer died: Dorantes slammed into the rear of his Harley at a tremendous rate of speed. As the arrest warrant noted, Dorantes' SUV left no skid marks. The reason is because he never braked -- either before or after the collision.

Instead, he kept going, pressing the accelerator pedal toward the floor. No matter that -- right in front of him -- a motorcycle was struck upright to his SUV's grill. And for a few seconds, he even could see Laufer's body on the motorcycle and SUV's hood, before it flew onto the highway 317 feet after impact. By then, Laufer was dead. According to the medial examiner, the horrific impact ripped his heart from its arteries and veins; his brain was severed from its spinal attachments.

The riderless Harley's rear tire left a single skid mark as Dorantes roared down the highway -- a shower of sparks and burning rubber right in front of him. "I don't think there is any way he (Dorantes) could not have known that the motorcycle was attached to his SUV for over a mile," Det. Francois told a local news outlet. "Between the sparks and the smell and the bike being feet in front of his face, after an impact there's no way he could have not known.”

A witness told of seeing a SUV race down an exit ramp at 80-85 mph -- a motorcycle attached to its front end. The Harley broke loose not far away, sliding onto a traffic island. Its rear tire was pulverized, its rear rim structurally destroyed.

Near the point of impact, the skid mark from the Harley's tire zigzagged along the highway, suggesting to Laufer's friends who visited the site that Dorantes was swerving violently to dislodge the motorcycle.
But, hey, that driver's rights were preserved. And, after all, it was only a privileged Anglo that was killed.

No harm done.


Morbius said…
Leader Elect has stated many times that he will give amnesty to all 12 million illegals. Complete with full health care, the works. Why? 12 million new democratic voters.

Linda, Is this a bad dream I'm having?

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