One Warning

Pride goeth before a fall.

The One is filled to the brim with that particular failing. As is his wife.


Anonymous said…
What the fuck?
What are you talking about?
Are you threatening Obama?
And his wife?
That sounds like terrorism to me! Or maybe just ignorance and bigotry.
McCain lost: but it can be undone. Try and appease Jesus by putting a Big Mac on your altar to Ronald Reagan and Hitler. One of them ought to help you.
Shannon said…
Excuse Me...Your talking to my mother you dolt. Although I may not agree with everything my mother believes, being a die hard, obama supporting democrat, you will be respectful when addressing her.
If you had read any of her previous posts, you would know that she would not threaten Obama even if she does not support him.
Anonymous said…
I was raised to speak the truth.
And I articulate it better… without using cryptic, pseudo-religious jargon.
Funny she isn’t defending herself… But oh well.
Sorry your mom got BURNED!
Morbius said…
Good Heavens. Sorry I haven't stopped by. Been very busy of late.

Next Troll attack please send them to me. I eat these cretins for breakfast. Not that I think you can't handle yourself Linda. I know you're ignoring these critters for the pests they are.

I follow many websites and blogs. I've found your Mom's to be one of the most insightful and constructive on the net.

This country is sorely divided and it will take folks like your Mom and yourelf to bring us together.

I have posted a video called Together at my spot; This video exposes my real reasons for blogging at all. Enjoy.

Attention Trolls:
Enter my place at your own risk. Traps are set all over the place.

You may leave seemingly untouched, but you never know. Did I mention I've been working with computers since the early '60s?

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