Has America Become a 3rd-World Country?

Right now, the Minnesota state Senate election is in the process of being stolen, just as the Washington state election was stolen in 2004. That's NOT right-wing hyperbole, just fact.

Al Franken LOST. The Minnesota election rules mandate that a recount is conducted when the count is so close, which I support. What I can't stomach, is the way that the Franken forces are STEALING the election. To believe that, suddenly, 100 extra votes were unearthed, from a single precinct, is to stretch belief. To believe that ALL of the previous "missing" votes were for Franken, is to be as credulous as an adult that still believes in Santa Claus.

Come on, folks! These are phony votes! I realize that some devout supporters want Franken to win, but have they no shame?

Damnit, where are the Democrats of integrity? Where are the Democrats who have too much pride to blatantly falsify the process that our forefathers died to preserve?


Morbius said…
Words like stealing and shame are not factors. It's a matter of "end justifies the means" way of thinking.

I happen to have personal knowledge of this. Back in the early '70s I was a member in good standing with a very powerful, national organization. Don't get me wrong. This group remains to this day a force for much good. It's members are hard working men and women.

Every election we were called upon to volunteer our services. Always for the Democrat. No exceptions. This was fine with me as I was so registered at the time.

I was in charge of a group putting signs together. Easy enough, put two sticks together and staple each sign. One night one of the directors was dropping off supplies. He told me how other groups were distributing signs, making phone calls and other things. Other things?

You know, like reading obituaries and writing down their names & addresses. Other groups registering to vote using those names and addresses. Or registering under several names using their own address. Those kind of things.

Quite a shock to a young, idealistic me, but I couldn't speak out. I had a family to feed. Stepping out of line would have been dealt with very harshly.
Mike Toreno said…
What happened was, a precinct worker originally wrote down 404 for Franken, and then on review it was discovered that the true number was 504.

ZOMG, you're dumb.

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