Palin on Couric

I thought the Couric interview (the parts that I saw - I missed some, due to a telephone call) was not great for Palin. She appeared over-coached and stiff. I think one of the problems is that she's become afraid of making the Ultimate Mistake - the one that sinks the campaign - and is working hard to stay within the set phrases she's been told to use. They don't sound like her, however, and it shows.

What can she do?

  1. Keep interviewing - with the small-town paper and radio stations, and with local television. They'll love the opportunity, and it's a chance to get practice without too much pressure. Nobody's great, at first - it takes some time to make it all seem natural.

  2. Do the hardest thing - tape yourself, and listen to the critiques. It is embarrassing to hear yourself, but it's worth it.

  3. Use the words "for example" - she can't just repeat herself with sound bites. She needs to give concrete examples of her statements. For example, when asked about McCain's economic plans, she needs to use the example of his efforts to tighten up the rules on lending - which, if the legislation had passed, could have prevented this current financial crisis.

  4. Relax. It's unlikely that a single interview will cause an election loss. She's nervous, and it shows. She needs to learn how to take control of an interview, veer off topic with an anecdote, and give herself some breathing space.


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