Women & Pay Discrimination

I found a reference to the Lily Ledbetter case - she's the one who charged her employer with discrimination, only to be told that she had filed too late. She says that she couldn't have known the men were being paid more, until years later.

Oh, yeah?

Not so. Powerline has the post, and demolishes her claim. Pity that the MSM won't correct their deferential coverage of her "plight".

Guys, I'm all for raising hell when there's a real injustice. And, for some women, pay differences are an injustice.

But, this case isn't one of them.

Further, she contradicts her story - in her own words:
Ledbetter claims that "the only way that I really knew [about the pay discrimination] was that someone left an anonymous note in my mailbox showing my pay and the pay for the three males who were doing the same job, just on different shifts." According to Ledbetter, "when I saw that note, it just floored me. I was so shocked at the amount of difference in our pay for doing the same exact job. And I went immediately to EEOC."

This claim, of course, cannot be reconciled with her sworn testimony that three years before allegedly receiving the "anonymous note," she told her supervisor that she definitively knew that she was making thousands less than her male counterparts for the same work.
Exact same job?


I've worked different shifts - it can be a killer. Your body rebels at staying awake during the day on the weekend, so it interrupts family life. It also works against natural sleep cycles - we are NOT naturally nocturnal, and resist staying awake when it's dark outside.

It's no small inconvenience. It has been shown to reduce life expectancy in shift workers.

So, if she knew that the workers on different shifts were paid more, why didn't she apply to work those shifts? If you know your employer pays more to different shifts, then a smart person, who wants the money, takes the initiative and upends their life for the money.

It's because she didn't want the money badly enough to work for it. She wanted it to fall into her lap, because she's a woman.

Shame on her for lying about the case!


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