I have a confession to make.

My hit counter, for the last few months, has been averaging over 200 hits a day. At first, I was excited. Yippee, I've been found, and blogstardom is right around the corner.

Then, I checked the referring page, and I plummeted right back to Earth.

It turns out that the site they were seeking was related to this:

The funny thing is, the original post didn't celebrate the tattooed female - quite the contrary - I find them annoying on women - another wannabee pseudo-male thing that women have latched onto, in an attempt to be "tough".

"But they're so attractive!" - no, they're not. Virtually universal among porn stars, girls-gone-wild, minor-celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Anna Nicole Smith, and girls with no career ambitions, they signal "I'm so boring that I have to permanently disfigure myself to provide a conversational starter".

What's next?


Manini said…
Are you really this ignorant or just trying to piss people off?
lawryde said…
You're an idiot.
Anonymous said…
keith said fuck off
Anonymous said…
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