As Santa Said....

I've been terribly lax lately about updating this blog. I have only a ridiculously hectic schedule (and more than a little personal sloth) to blame for it.

My take on current events:

  • The Duke trio has been let loose. Unfortunately, they still linger under a cloud, according to those for whom it's impossible to believe that those privileged white males aren't guilty of SOMETHING!

    Too bad there isn't a law on the books against that - perhaps LWW - Living While White?

  • The Imus stupidities have dominated the headlines far too long. Yeah, he was deliberately insulting and obnoxious - what an unusual activity for celebrities! Get over it, ladies. By beating on the issue with melodramatic swoons, you make yourself look ridiculous. So he called you names - so what? Did you respect his opinion before? So what's changed?

    The bigger issue is the fact that Sharpton, Jackson, et al, aren't holding black men and women to the same standards. If the words are offensive, a black skin isn't going to make them okey-dokey.

    In other words, use this as a way to make ALL people clean up their mouths.

  • The shooting at Virginia Tech is all over the news today. Gun control apparently wouldn't have changed anything, as the campus was already a "gun-free" zone - or maybe not.

  • We lost power last night. I caught up on sleep without the electronic distractions. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any grading done, so I spent several hours tonight catching up.

    The storm killed off some plants that the previous cold weather hadn't killed. Except for the beans - they appear to be quite weather-resistant.

  • Hillary seems to be losing momentum to Obama. Too bad - it would have been an interesting race. However, I'm not counting Hillary out. Note to Obama - hire a food taster. And hire a good security team - you may need it.
I'm tired. I'm going to bed.


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