Customer Service?

I just spent the most frustrating hour of my life, since I tried to "reason" with a 2-year-old (or a teenager, same thing). Some things, while theoretically possible, are not, really.

I was in a customer service loop - you know the kind:

  • Call the phone number
  • Work your way through a L-O-O-O-N-G list of choices, which then send you to the next list, then the next.
  • FINALLY talk to a person (to be fair, English-speaking, and not apparently from another country).
  • Be told that another department is needed. Don't worry, the helpful service person will transfer you, but, to be sure, here's the number.
  • Call is dropped.
  • Call the number, only to get right back in the loop.

I'm a slow learner. It took 2 tries before I said, "I don't want the automated number, I want a real person". Customer service person sweetly assures me I will reach a person.

She lied. I got right back in the Circle of Hell.

4th try - I did get a person, who helped me right to the point where she said "And your confirmation number is- "

Dial tone again.

I had to make ANOTHER call to verify that the payment would go through ONCE.

I'll believe it when I don't see the double payment on my bank statement.


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