Pork - Good on Your Plate, Lousy in Your Legislation

I think all voters with a sense of responsibility need to contact their legislators, and let them know that we are against Pork (loading a bill with extraneous "goodies" for a particular constituency, in order to cajole a vote from a fellow lawmaker who is greedy pathetically and desperately in need of support at home courageously fighting for his people at home), EVEN if it dooms a bill to oblivion. Better a lost vote than piling the debt on our great-grandchildren.

This can be a hard sell. Many politicians risk losing their seat to a shyster who will promise all sorts of prizes to the voters. And, it IS a risk. Some legislators have taken the high road, and been defeated, by a promise-them-anything charlatan.

We have to commit to tightening our belts, even if it affects US. We have to write the checks for politicians willing to take a stand. Read about efforts by bloggers to notify their legislators that they won't tolerate business-as-usual.


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