Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid!

I've been following the propaganda war coverage on MSM news lately. According to the OFFICIAL pundits, the was is, despite the increased killing/capture of the "insurgents", going very badly.

Naturally, this is because the troops, despite being MORE highly educated than the average American, are poor sad-sacks who were guiled into joining up. With such easily-led lackeys, the US military leaders (hereafter referred to - under your breath, of course, no telling what those crazed killers will do - as the uber-Hitler-Bushtapo) have no problem forcing them to support the mission. Which, of course, is not to bring freedom to the Iraqi people, but to grab the cheap oil for the US.

Where the h##$ is mine? My little Hyundai is costing twice what it did before the war to run.

I've been amusing myself with the change that will be coming soon. Eventually, the war will be over. The troops will return. And they will do what returning soldiers have always done.

Look around at the civilian society they left, and decide to run for office.

The returning veterans of WWII made a major impact on this country's governance. They were younger than the congressmen they replaced. Many were in office for 25 years or more.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it.

I'm also hoping some of the veterans decide to get into the media business, and shake up of few of those self-satisfied, arrogant little piss-pots. I'm tired of people pontificating on matters that they know nothing about, and sneering about the ignorance of the average viewer.


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