The Lull Before the Storm

I've been out of touch with the web for a few days, due to my husband's medical issues. While out of town, I checked the news for coverage of the Gathering of Eagles meeting in Washington.



I saw coverage of the "brave" protesters "telling truth to power". The amazing courage of the anti-war left me breathless - imagine daring to speak out, when the Bushtapo stormtroopers lay all around, just waiting for a mis-step to put them all in the BushGulag.

Yeah. Like that's gonna happen.

For all the average network viewer could verify, the anti-war was the only game in town. It looked like a massive protest, with a straggly few anti-protesters quickly shown - nothing to see here, go back to the valiant MASS movement of anti-war activists.

Check out the photo essay of the antiwar protest. Note the tight camera shots - they don't allow you to see the vast empty spaces in a pathetically sparse crowd.

A reporter provides a different slant on the protests.

I get the feeling that the liberal forces are stepping down their activities, preparing for a run at the presidency. For that, they have to persuade the rest of us that they're not batsh&& crazy, as the saying goes. So, they are letting the passionately committed to temporarily take the lead. Don't be fooled - it's just temporary.

The lull before the firestorm.

I'll blog more later - right now, I'm hungry, and dinner is ready.


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