Back at Last

I've been out of town for the last 4 days - my husband needed further work on his eyes. His Lasix surgery was basically working, but he developed a "wrinkle" in one cornea. As a result, he had to have another cut and re-stitch, followed by a next-day check-up. The doctor came in just for him at 8 am, in the middle of a major cold front. Everything is healing nicely, and he was even able to drive about 1/2 the way.

His eyes are still very sensitive to light, so he's wearing tinted glasses indoors, and heavy sunglasses outdoors. We found a CHEAP source of both reading glasses ($0.88 apiece) and sunglasses (about $2.00). So we loaded up - bought 6 pairs of reading glasses, and four pairs of sunglasses. Mine are large and wrap-around - think Jackie O. I may never choose any other type - they're really comfortable. They block almost all unfiltered light, which is a LOT easier on my eyes. Since I'm now living in a region of the country that receives stronger doses of light, and for a longer time, the dark glasses may provide some protection against development of cataracts.

My back is sore, and don't even ask about the status of my behind - I've been sitting on it WAY too much, as we drove the 750 miles both ways, as well as drove around Cleveland running errands (banking, loading up on supplies, visiting family, etc.). Going to work tomorrow will take a major act of will.

My husband and I are planning to book an appointment with the chiropractor and possibly a massage.

Oh, yeah.


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