Michael Yon - From the Front

I love the Internet, and particularly the blogs. Where else could you find writers like Michael Yon, who is a blogger covering the war.
During the silence the soldiers redistribute ammunition and check each other for holes. Sometimes the wounded do not know they are the wounded until someone tells them.
This is the kind of detail that is seldom reported in the MSM. Then again, it's hard to actually find out about these kind of things from a cushy hotel in Bagdad, which is where most correspondents are found.

I still can't fathom why the media air terrorist propaganda
Terrorists started this war with killing, and now are suing for peace with more killing, lashing out at schoolyards, marketplaces, and soccer matches, blowing up kids, women, and men on their way to work or worship. All to win the battle for headlines, which they are certain to get; the greater the savagery, the bigger the font.

Our soldiers, meaning the soldiers from countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, yes France, and the United States, are better in all aspects but one: The terrorists somehow manage to beat us all in our respective medias. We may own the air, but terrorists own the airwaves.
What does it take for the MSM to understand that what the terrorists are shoveling is not news, but something else that has a four-letter name?

Let's not even mention the MANY incidences of altering photos for propaganda purposes, or relying on foreign correspondents with an agenda.

But, before we flay the MSM for their many lapses, let's focus on ourselves. Let's re-dedicate ourselves to the idea that we need to follow the same guidelines that we would hold the MSM to.

In other words, if we're writing about our opinion, or have a dog in the hunt, say so.

No apologies. Just put the truth out there, and let an informed readership make their own decisions.


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