Anna Nicole Smith

I'm sitting here crying. Yeah, crying.

Not because a celebrity died. Heck, we all die. But, because, for the first time in a long time, I've come to realize how I had a part in her death.

MY responsibility?

Yeah. All of ours.

Anna Nicole wasn't a very nice woman. She was loud, vulgar, and crude. She frantically sought the spotlight. When the attention shifted to others, she acted more and more outrageously to get the focus back on her.

So, why do I care?

Because I snickered and laughed at her trashy ways and booze-fueled antics. I formed a part of the audience that looked at another human being, one who was acting out her loneliness and neediness, and dismissed her. Saw right through her. Acted as though her pain was there for my amusement.

I never saw that lonely, love-starved person as someone who needed to feel loved. When her son died, she reached the end of her ability to cope.

Nobody cared.

Not even me.

Well, I shouldn't say that nobody cared.

God cared.

He loved her. Even when she was acting unlovable.

A few years ago, I stopped watching a lot of TV. I got tired of the gossip, the appeal to low tastes, the pseudo-news.

But, Anna Nicole was hard to miss. When I did see her, all I thought was, "What a mess." And I ignored her. Never said a prayer for her.

No human being is not worthy of a prayer. That's the basis of Christianity. We all are capable of redemption.

It's the job of Christians to help, not scorn. It's our job to see the need in the fallen, and to help them, if we can.

From The Salon, written by Cintra Wilson
The yellow press is in shock, as if it can't believe that the "tabloid life" of the woman Radar referred to as "gossip's golden goose" is actually over. Its members can't seem to wrap themselves around the idea that she isn't theirs to abuse anymore, or that somewhere under the nipple tape and lip gloss, a human being is dead enough, now, to deserve a few seconds of more than just token respect.
It's a sad commentary on our society when the most decent and humane send-off came from Playboy founder,
Hugh Hefner, at least, had some class, issuing a statement about how much Smith meant to him personally and to the whole "Playboy family.


God said…
It turns out God actually didn't love her very much. He was just pissed that Paula Zahn bumped a Richard Dawkins interview to cover this stupid story.

Tens of thousands of people in the world die every day. Anna Nicole Smith was probably in the top 1% who most deserved it.

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