Sunday Catch-up

On Sundays, I have several destinations - church, home to clear up for the coming week, and Eternity Road, a blog that is hard to describe, but is best envisioned as a quiet chat with a philosophical friend. Fran Poretto was one of the first bloggers to encourage me to write, and is a place that I can visit, 'set' a spell, and get comfortable in my slippers.

For health and work reasons, I hadn't been checking in on Sundays. So I missed some gems, including the following:
A genius is a man of great intellect who can see the patterns in Nature that others miss. He is also guaranteed to be hopelessly incompetent with a hammer, a wrench, or a soldering iron. This has been proved by Science.

It's an old maxim that God must surely love the common people; after all, He made so many of them. If 'twere so, then God must love cockroaches, syphilis spirochetes, and federal regulations at least as much. Perhaps the logic needs some work.

When was the last time you heard anyone say "It's none of my business," without immediately saying "But..." ?
Click on the post title to check out a remarkable man's thoughts. Don't forget to check out the short fiction - well worth the time.


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