I said this would happen

From From Breitbart.com:
GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- A 26-year-old man in Sweden will face assault charges and abortion law violations after he allegedly slipped his pregnant girlfriend abortion pills.

The Local said that the unidentified man allegedly mixed some of the prescription pills into his girlfriend's food after learning she was pregnant, leading her to nearly suffer a miscarriage.

Once the woman ingested the pills, she required medical attention after becoming nauseous and starting to bleed.

The paper said the man will now face the charges in Vanersborg District Court in western Sweden's Vastra Gotaland County.
Just checked the archives, looking for that long-ago post - couldn't find it. Maybe I started a draft, but abandoned it.

I have long had some suspicions about the potential of this to harm women. Who's to say whether the person getting the drug over the counter is not going to administer it without the agreement (or even the knowledge) of the pregnant woman? Men have long tried to eliminate responsibility for pregnancy by persuading women to abort, coercing them to abort, and arrangiing "accidents" that terminate pregnancy.

One of the classic novels, An American Tragedy, adapted for film as A Place in the Sun, deals with a pregnancy undesired by the father of the child. He eliminates the problem by killing the mother.

How much simpler, and less likely to bring about investigation, to cause a miscarriage. If the woman isn't the suspicious type, the father may very well get away with it.


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