Random Thoughts Before the Weekend

I've been busy - in a good way - this week.

  • I'm partly caught up on grading. I still need to input it into this computer I'm working on now, but I can finish that this weekend.

    I once had a professor tell me that not all work has to be graded. He obviously didn't teach high school, since I've learned that if it isn't graded, they won't do the work. Well, that does make some sense. If they didn't pay people, would any of us show up to work?

    I'll be spending more time at school this weekend. In one of my stupider moments, I offered to tutor this Saturday. Some of the kids are spending a few hours at school, making up absences. So, rather than having them spend time doing nothing (think The Breakfast Club), I said that I'd let any kid from my class who is there come to my room, and I'll work with them - tutoring, make-up labs, etc. I can't even claim I was drunk when I opened up my big mouth, much as it seems to be a reasonable conclusion.

  • My house is relatively clean. Not Martha Stewart-level, but livable. I've even cooked off the ground beef, and am simmering the chili as I write.

  • My husband may be in SC in the next few days. I'm really looking forward to THAT. Only about 5 months to go before he retires, and we can be together again for good.

    I'm hoping to spend some of the time next week with my husband looking for a couch. Nothing fancy, probably a sectional. I just want a couch that I can stretch out on on lazy days.

    I'll be having him set up the VCR while he's here. Hey, what else is a man for, but to assemble the electronics I don't want to bother with?

  • I finally caught Katie Couric this week. So far, I haven't caught her saying anything egregiously stupid, but I've only been listening with half my attention.

    I will mention that she seems to have toned down her hair and make-up - not so BLONDE and OVERLY-MADE-UP, as she wore on her morning show. Which, BTW, was probably an appropriate look for that venue.

    She does seem VERY serious. Lighten up, kid. You're not going to make us believe that you're a REAL newswoman, so at least show up some of that perky charm. Hey, go with your strengths.

    I do like that tonight (9/28), she's at least wearing a blouse that's buttoned up appropriately. I truly HATE those anchorwomen that are unbuttoned to the navel. Maybe it's jealousy - I am somewhat full-figured (have been since a young teen), and if more than the top button is open, show a scandalous amount of cleavage.

  • Amazingly, Star Trek (the original, the best) is 40. I'm hoping they run the series again this weekend. I could use a good marathon sci-fi weekend.


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