Bad Movies

I'm watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's only about 10 minutes into the movie, and I can only say that a bad movie reeks early on. Fortunately, I haven't invested too much time in it, so can watch something more worthwhile, like ET! or HSN.

Found this gem at the NY Post:
...honor's dead in Washington. And at "leading" universities (where patriotism, too, is beneath contempt). And in the media. Honor isn't hip. It's as pathetic as a powder-blue, polyester leisure suit.

To journalists and members of Congress, the concept of honor is so alien it's incomprehensible. If you can grab a headline, no matter the cost to your country, tell our secrets - and win an award for your "courage."

If you can bump up your poll numbers before the election, spill the beans. If you can stick it to the other party, by all means tell the terrorists what our senior intelligence officers think. Expose our security programs. Exaggerate our military problems. If we're short on bullets, tell the bad guys.

Honor's for the chumps, the losers, the average voter who "doesn't have a clue." In other words, for people like you and me.
The author of those words is Ralph Peter, a retired Army intel officer and the author of "Never Quit the Fight. I agree - it's time to put these leakers in jail. I'm sick of people abandoning their responsibilities to safeguard secrets, and making a buck (and a reputation with similarly scruples-challenged fools) telling what they haven't the right to tell.


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