Blog Tips

I stumbled upon some interesting posts about blogging. If you blog, try checking these out.

David Sifry's tips validate something I've noticed. Blogs are a little like your daily newspaper.

  • They should be timely. Late news isn't news.
  • They should be short.
  • They should be updated OFTEN.

Now, that last isn't easy for the novice blogger. I remember when I started about 3 years ago, I spent HOURS trying to come up with ANYTHING to say - forget good, I kept coming up dry on lousy stuff.

But, 3 years later, it's not uncommon for me to punch out 250-500 words without effort. Yeah, I know sometimes it reads as though I put no time into it. But, in general, reading back over old posts, if I didn't know how much time they took, I couldn't tell.

That's the difference between passion and craft. Ideally, you have both. But the novice should have a passionate interest in whatever it is that he/she is posting about. That passion will carry him/her a long way - hopefully, past the hump of learning the craft of blogging, and into mastery of the art.


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