Tell us again why we should care

An attorney for Jack Kevorkian said the assisted-suicide advocate will probably not survive another year if kept in prison, as he again asked the state to grant his client a pardon or commute his sentence.
So, Dr. Death won't survive. So?

Look, this is the guy that said if living is intolerable, end it. So, why doesn't he follow his convictions?
The former doctor is serving a 10- to 25-year sentence for second-degree murder for giving a fatal injection of drugs in 1998. He is eligible for parole in 2007.

In 2003, 2004 and 2005, Granholm followed the parole board's advice in denying applications for a commuted sentence or a pardon.

Kevorkian has said he assisted in at least 130 deaths, but has promised that he will not assist another if released.
Well, that's different - he PROMISED. Hey, do you suppose that we can also get Manson to promise? Think of the potential for saving on prison health care. When they get sick, just parole them.

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Anonymous said…
If someone is terminally ill and they want to end their pain, they should have the right to do it. It's not hurting anyone else, so why the fuck shouldn't it be their choice? Kevorkian is no criminal, that's fucking horseshit. Get real, lady.

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