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Deciding what news is most important is a tough job. On a slow news day, which this one must have been, guess what CNN thinks is VERY important?
The former college student known as the "Naked Guy," who gained notoriety in the early 1990s for attending class in the buff, has died in jail, authorities said.

Andrew Martinez, 33, whose stripped-down strolls at the University of California, Berkeley, got him expelled and prompted the city to adopt a strict anti-nudity ordinance, was found unconscious Thursday in a Santa Clara County jail, said jail spokesman Mark Cursi.
Can you imagine a life so devoid of accomplishment that your obituary is headlined "The Naked Guy"?

Ever-tolerant Berkeley finally, after many years, banned public nudity. Their actions apparently took away Mr. Martinez' main reason for existence, as the police are investigating his death as a possible suicide. FWIW, I think the Council made the right choice. Can you imagine having to be the next student to sit in the Naked Guy's vacated seat? Gross!

Amazingly, there don't appear to be any pictures of Martinez, although I seem to remember seeing some during his "stripped-down" years.

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Anonymous said…
I guess you never met him. Every one who met him even for a few moments, loved him!

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