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Again, found on Ankle Biting Pundits, former journalist and current phone sex operator sounds off on a variety of topics. Now, I'm not one to say that you should be defined by your occupation, but...

I found multiple posts to criticize:
  • The Home Abortion Manual - Read it, but ONLY if you have a strong stomach. This woman is not only sick, but stupid! If anything could help people understand what is at stake in the protection of life, this could. I really can't believe that she would lay it all out so straight-forwardly.
  • The "why is our government not supporting science" (because they want to limit access to potential weapons).
    Science is not a criminal enterprise. Science and knowledge should not have to be taken underground, or only demonstrated by people with the money and determination to acquire federal licenses. If this government insists on continuing to treat scientists and teachers like terrorists, the free exchange of ideas and information will be at risk in every field.

    When thinking is outlawed, only outlaws will think. Make yourself more knowledgable -- and dangerous -- today. Get yourself a brand new chemistry set and start to experiment. You'll be surprised at how many of the demonstrations are still fun today, how much entertainment you'll be able to derive from combining the world's chemical building blocks. Let's hope the next generation of children is still able to experience the same wonder and joy.
    Look, moron, the people who need to have access to dangerous chemicals already do - that won't change. But if the government isn't allowed to oversee the buying and transport of potentially dangerous chemicals, you can bet the next generation of terrorists will decide to take a hobby other than jet aviation - like maybe amateur chemist?

    I am a chemistry teacher. I am not now, nor will I ever be, limited in access to chemicals, other what good common sense or district policies suggest. I can teach without restriction, and this regulation won't affect me. But it could keep chemicals out of the hands of nefarious types.
  • How Office Depot $ 49 chairs broke - 2 of them, right at 6 months. OK, I had some sympathy for this one, at least until I read the next post.

    She wears a size 24. And is annoyed that the t-shirts that say "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" don't come that large. In her words:
    XXL gets a small nod in a non-fashionable "unisex" t-shirt, clearly designed with the lines of a man's body and not a woman's in mind. But if you want the cute, feminine shirt that looks fashionably fitted? Forget it, sister.
    Hey, I'm not exactly Lindsay Lohan. I'm larger than I've been in years. But an XL fits, with room to spare. In size 24, you probably weigh a little more than 300 pounds. That would be large, even for a man. At that size, nothing is "fashionably fitted" - it just needs to not put every bulge and roll in plain sight.

    Hon, at that weight, I'm no longer surprised that the chairs broke. Hell, I'm surprised they lasted that long.
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